Monday, August 3, 2020

How I make your French Caramel Sauces ?

I work in my commercial kitchen, Portland Mercado (now I have also the mask!), and I cook small batches of Caramel : 

I use real ingredients : Cane sugar, heavy cream, salted butter, lemon juice, dark chocolate and instant decaf


I fill out the sterilized jars when it's still very hot and put the lid on 

And the last part is at home labelling the jars ! with my fantastic machines made in France buy one of our best friend 😁

How you can use the French Caramel Sauces😍

You can use them in different ways : for your dessert or your savory ... let see some examples 

In some cookies or pies : 

 : On ice-cream

 : With waffles, cookies, crêpes and fruits

 : In your coffee as a sweetener

More fancy on a toast with apple and goat cheese !

Come to meet your Caramel maker this summer !

Hello lovely people,

Do you know my French Caramel Sauces??? 
If not you should try ... and maybe fall in love with them!
Do you know me???
If not, you can find me and try my Caramel Sauces on 2 very nice Portland Farmers Market : 

Each Wednesdays 2-6PM... with Caramel Sauces and Crêpes :

And one another Saturday 9-2PM ... with Caramel Sauces :

Sat 08/08
Sat 08/22
Sat 09/05

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Enjoy your farmers market

Covid situation means no more demos in the grocery stores BUT we still have the Moreland Farmers Market to meet and share our food passion!!!

Each Wednesday until mid September I will be there for you with the French Caramel Sauces and the Crêpes !

Don't miss this time 2-6pm 1400 SE Glenwood St in Portland.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


So happy to tell you we can meet today at the Moreland Farmers Market from 2pm to 6pm ...
French Caramel Sauces in 6oz, box of 4oz and box of 2.5oz ...
AND something NEW : pack of 4 crêpes

I am looking forward to see you again! Bring your mask and support your local businesses 😍

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Coffee and Chocolate Caramel Sauce

Take a break and allow you some sweetness with coffee, biscotti and Chocamel Sauce 😉

Enjoy !!! 


Wednesday, April 1, 2020


In these particular times with this virus cover 19, all the demos and events for food businesses are cancelled.
That's why I decided to make this message with a Youtube link showing a video of a demo made in a Market Of Choice store :
Stay home, stay safe and add some little French Caramel Sauces in your food to bring happiness in your life !